Thursday, March 11, 2010


Jock Barnes training with Brodie Ledgerwood yesterday. 
Jock has an amazing story about his recovery from 3 broken vertebrae in May 2008. 
Take a look at his testimonial

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Sign up on our HOME PAGE for the Information Pack. This issue is specifically about Back Pain and ways to help ease the pain.

Dave Williams had a long history of Severe Back problems but after working with Jan he now sucessfully competes as an amateur golfer. He recently won a local event here on the gold coast and is a great example of how Jan's training can effectively return you to your sport after a severe Back Injury.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Decrease Your Pain for $5

CHEK AustraliaCome Join in our Stretch Class on Monday nights. Let go of Tension and enjoy a stronger more flexible body. We will focus on all those tight and problem areas. For $5 its totally worth it!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Are you SICK of being Injured or in PAIN?

Whether they be a house wife, builder, or high performing athlete, each person is just as important to us. The Human body is an amazing system of systems, and it is always exciting to work with people who truly want to overcome Health, Physical, or Emotional Issues.  The majority of our clients have come to the point with their injuries, that they don’t know what else to do, a good many are at the point of giving up and just accepting their injury or illness.  We are all meant to have happiness in or lives, we feel it is our part in this life, to help our clients to achieve this.  Discover the Impact that better self awareness and knowledge of our own bodies and emotions can have on you and your Life, Family and Career.

Chek Australia’s approach to Injury Rehabilitation & End Stage Rehabilitation , Holistic Health / and High Performance Conditioning, provides a common system, framework and language at every level of your needs. The practicality and application of our Holistic approach has made us one of the most widely adopted Health and End Stage Rehab centres in the world.

OUR Results speak for themselves........stay tuned for our Testimonial Video. Hear from our clients how CHEK can HELP you!

Our Location

Here are a few pictures of our Gym. 

Chek Australia is committed to providing the latest, cutting edge programs to our clients, that will help create lasting changes in their lives, that are devoted to each clients success and fulfillment.

Welcome To CHEK Australia

We listen, and we care, we investigate, define, motivate, empower. For over 25 years individuals have turned to Chek Australia for guidance, training, physical-emotional-mental and spiritual service. This has lead to longterm successful relationships with our clients, and one of the highest regarded clinics of our Industry today.